About the Freemachines project

FreeMachines is a project that encourages young people to develop new IT and creative skills through digital art and design. Over the course of twelve sessions, participants will be introduced to writing code and building electronics, and will collaboratively prototype a digital artwork.

The programme encourages young people to experiment with everyday digital technologies on a more reflective, conceptual level, and consider the impact these technologies have on their lives. Furthermore, it aims to build their confidence by collaboratively working toward a common goal, with the potential of having a public presentation of the resulting artwork.


You can follow the progress of the project, get code examples, and see documentation of the Freemachines Project on the blog

Where is it?

The programme takes place at Granton Library, 29 Wardieburn Terrace Edinburgh, EH5 1DD.

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When is it?

The programme starts on the 11th February with a drop-in day from 3-7pm. People are invited to register their interest and learn more about how the project will run over the full 12-week period.

The programme will continue with structured workshops, running every Wednesday from 5-7pm from the 18th of February, and beginning with a series of 'Primers' designed to teach the basics of programming and electronics.

The Smartphone Atlas

The Smartphone Atlas was commissioned by Out of the Blue as part of the Freemachines Project. The Smartphone Atlas is an interactive map that illustrates the lifecycle of a smartphone, right through the stages of design, mining, assembly, to consumption and recycling.

You can try it out by clicking here.